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Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Hi Fixed NATION!! Let's talk about "ACCELERATOR The EXPERIMENT" and what you should take away from your first 3 weeks with EHFix!

ACCELERATOR is designed to be a GROUP, GUIDED EXPERIMENT. I give you lots of guidance, ideas, and scientific support in those first 3 weeks, but you're invited to follow the rules in any way YOU like. The lessons over 21 days are progressive, but OVERALL they represent ALL THE MANY POSSIBLE WAYS you can incorporate low carb eating into your NEW healthy life.

Sugar detox right up front allows you to suddenly CONTROL HUNGER LIKE NEVER BEFORE. This enables you to "try on" some new and exciting ways of eating in the weeks that follow. Very quickly, you learn how EMPOWERING a low carb diet can be! After the initial DETOX (JUST 5 DAYS ON AVERAGE!!) comes the MAGIC: You FEEL IMMEDIATELY BETTER after breaking away from the normal S.A.D. (standard American diet) pattern of eating. You no longer need ME to tell you you're on the right track-- YOU CAN SIMPLY FEEL IT!

It's exciting I know!!👏👏👏 And many of you have shared what you have learned to improve the health of family and friends- that's FANTASTIC! I love to hear about my unofficial client successes out there as well!!!!🤓

Let's just make sure NOT to lose the main message for our friends who are just starting to TRY this way of life: There is NO ONE WAY of eating low carb for success!

It's perfectly ok to continue to eat 4 meals a day... it's ok to continue to sweeten your coffee... God forbid a carrot ends up in the casserole! We don't need to turn it into a CARROTGATE investigation!!😂 ACCELERATOR is FULL of ideas! You don't need to use every single one of them EVERYDAY for success!

Let your loved ones EASE INTO a low carb life. Not everyone is ready to completely OVERHAUL their grocery cart, pantry, refrigerator, cooking style, and kids lunches overnight 😂, Try introducing some low carb swaps into your meals whenever it's easy! Here's a great article with ideas for HOW to do this:

Every option in ACCELERATOR, from Jumpstart to Advanced Fasting and everything in between, represent HEALTHY OPTIONS! The program is designed to offer a SLIDING option approach to eating. You can and SHOULD slide back and forth between filling up on nourishing low carb foods at times, fasting at times, and even going off the rails with cheat days every once in a while.


Let's all continue to support one another in this journey by making sure we understand the PRIMARY GOAL:

for everyone we know and love to get just a little healthier by making small dietary changes whenever possible, whenever THEY are ready🙌

There's no rush necessary. You keep leading by example and making suggestions and your family and friends will get just a bit healthier everyday. Then... when THEY are ready, point them to ACCELERATOR and I will LAUNCH them FULL THROTTLE toward the healthy life they never knew they could have! 😄😁

YEEESSSSS! Let’s save some more lives together friends!😍

The August ACCELERATOR starts on August 8th! Beginners should be directed to ENROLL NOW to get medically cleared. Share this with anyone you think is ready! Now is a great time to train those college kids before they go back to making TERRIBLE CHOICES on their own!😬

Special Note: Some of our friends and family members carry a tremendous amount of medical problems and/or excess weight at the beginning of their journey. These people should consider a bigger commitment with greater support right from the start. Point them in the direction of the EHFix PACKAGE DEALS! This ensures they stay connected over a longer length of time and saves money in the long run. One run through ACCELERATOR alone is not likely to be enough to reverse chronic diseases that have been ravaging a body for years. Packages can be right for anyone who feels they want to LEARN IT ALL!🤓

As always, I offer a BUY 3, GET 1 FREE discount on ACCELERATOR. If you have a group ready, simply email me @ to take advantage of that option.


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