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Start here! ACCELERATOR is where the EHFix learning begins! Here are some of the major issues ACCELERATOR will address for you over the next 21 days!  Can you relate to ANY of these?

Have you had trouble losing weight and keeping it off?   

Do you suffer with chronic pain?

Are you killing it at the gym and just not seeing it pay off in the mirror?

Do you think you eat healthy, but still have some bad habits you need to work on? 

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, or mood swings?

Are you struggling to juggle your health along with many other responsibilities?  

Do you feel like your health is out of your control? 

Has menopause slowed your metabolism?

Do you find it hard to control your hunger?

Are you looking to kick your sugar habit to the curb? 

Are you struggling to understand your illnesses or tired of taking meds?    

Would you like to commit more quality time to taking care of YOUR needs?

Feeling like you need more time and energy to get everything accomplished?

Are you lacking motivation to help yourself, let alone others?

Is the stress of responsibilities weighing you down, taking it's toll mentally?

Is poor sleep a constant stressor for you?

Are you interested in disease prevention and longevity?

Looking to prevent or treat specific metabolic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, IBS, GERD, Alzheimer's, PCOS, rheumatoid, Hashimoto's, etc


ACCELERATOR will teach you in slow easy steps how to create a permanent lifestyle change to reverse ALL OF THE ABOVE issues!   


Get LIVE support continuously to guide you in the right direction!  Join Dr. Erin and an anonymous team and receive supportive educational messages conveniently delivered to your mobile phone for 21 days. 


ACCELERATOR will walk you through SUGAR DETOX  with ease!  In just the first 5 days you will rapidly gain control of your health and your hunger.   Once in control,  weeks 2 and 3 will guide you with learning EXACTLY how, when, and why we SHOULD ALL EAT ACCORDING TO THE SCIENCE for best health!   


Included in your ACCELERATOR package:

-4 EHFix Foundation Videos - meet Dr. Erin, learn how to perform a self-assessment, review your health, and get started with MACRO basics

-Jumpstart Sugar Detox Packet- contains the rules and tips for sugar detox

-Grocery shopping list- recommendations for getting started

-Initial Medical Assessment including recommendations based on your body weight analysis,  illness/disease diagnoses & treatment, medications, allergies and dietary restrictions

-21 days of education about metabolism, insulin resistance, best eating practices, daily recipes, and  LIVE INTERACTIVE Q&A to continually get YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED!

These lessons are CRITICAL for anyone looking to rapidly improve their health and SAY GOODBYE TO FAT for goodTHIS IS YOUR CHANCE to learn how to reverse all of your current health and wellness problems naturally- no gimmicks, no special foods or crazy supplements, and no meetups! 


Learn to make small changes everyday for the next 21 days that lead to the TRANSFORMATION OF A LIFETIME! 


Here's what some past ACCELERATOR clients had to say about the program: 

"The scale is moving in the right direction, my headaches are gone, my skin is glowing, I'm no longer foggy or sluggish, sleeping like a rock star, my overall mood is better and the BIGGEST benefit: my kids told me they are proud of me for deciding to turn my health around.  They are going to start low carb too!  Thank you for this amazing program, all the education, and the way it's presented.  You are a true life saver!"   - Michele, New York


"To say that this has been beneficial is an understatement.  THIS HAS BEEN LIFE CHANGING!   I knew I was overweight, but ignored it because I wasn't on any meds.  Boy was I wrong! The results after just 21 days are SIMPLY AMAZING! I have way more energy and I am a happier person!  I love that it not only had a positive effect on me but also those around me!"           -Colleen, Maryland


EHFix works!!

Read more testimonials here:


You can also view some before and after pics here for more inspiration:

ACCELERATOR: The Jumpstart

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