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Meet Dr. Erin

Hi there!   I’m Dr. Erin Reardon, MD.  I am a fully licensed, board certified, and practicing Emergency Physician in Delaware.  I regularly treat patients of all ages with life threatening illness, disease, and traumatic injuries.  I have seen it all in my 23 years of practice on the front lines of medicine!


Dr. Erin in the ER

In those 20+ years, the average patient in Emergency Rooms across the country has changed dramatically.   Our US population has grown more and more obese and health in general is declining.  Currently, more than 70% of Americans are overweight or obese.  The majority of problems we see in Emergency Rooms these days are CHRONIC and related to POOR NUTRITION causing patients to be overweight and obese beginning in their childhood!  We are seeing patients diagnosed with “chronic diseases” as teens and seeing regular, predictable deaths in patients who are 20-50 years old- often dying before their parents of the previous generation.


What is going on in health care?  Patients who are overweight and obese have many inter-related medical problems.  Doctors attempt to help these patients through countless doctor visits, expensive lab work, imaging, specialist referral, piling on of medications (all with side effects), and recommending many risky diagnostic and treatment procedures.  Despite all of this, patients continue to get sicker.  Insurance companies have responded by paying for less and less over time.  No one is getting healthier or happier in the process.   This includes the doctors, all of whom spent years becoming educated in hopes of HELPING people find and maintain good HEALTH!


That’s where I come in!  There is NO QUICK FIX for improving overall health, but there should be an URGENCY for LEARNING HOW TO GET HEALTHY.  In the ER, I never have enough time to educate patients about their health and that's frustrating.  That's why I created Emergency Health Fix!  EHFix programs teach, in simple terms, the science behind healthy eating & wellness practices!  I can help you reverse disease, illness, & chronic suffering through changing your everyday habits. Learn how to maximize your mental & physical strength.  The education is taught through innovative, interactive group messaging!  

Let me assist you with getting on a healthy path quickly and easily.  Interactive messaging provides a step by step approach!  No matter where you are in the world, I can find you by phone and improve your health!  Join with your own friends/family team or I will team you up with some anonymous supportive friends.  All you need is a mobile phone and the motivation to change your life for the better!


Check out my FIXED gallery and testimonials if you need some inspiration then simply sign up to get started!  Have questions? Email me at   I'm happy to meet via Zoom to assist you.

Legal Disclaimer: 

The Medical Advice provided by Dr. Erin and Emergency Health Fix, LLC is public knowledge disseminated and interpreted by Dr. Erin.   Clients are free to interpret, challenge, and investigate the science presented.  Clients follow this advice at their own risk.  

Dr. Erin does not claim to provide medical services for any Emergency Health Fix clients, nor should her nutrition or health habits recommendations be considered specific medical advice.   

Dr. Erin is a certified and licensed medical provider with a Doctor of Medicine (M.D) degree and does retain the right to give specific medical advice for medical conditions discussed with clients.  She encourages ALL clients to retain and/or maintain a private physician and discuss any choices with their private doctor.

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