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MOST POPULAR Emergency Health Fix Tank
Men's Fishing Shirt
Emergency Health Fix Trucker Cap
Emergency Health Fix Girlie V-neck
Emergency Health Fix Hoodie

Wear your EHFix LOGOwear with pride and show off WHERE that healthy physique and crazy energy came from!

Purchase shirts, hats, cups, sweatshirts, etc!

Enter the store by clicking the VISIT link above to view ALL the options!

Emergency Health Fix Low Carb Cookbook Volume I

This first volume is the companion for ACCELERATOR! This contains great low-carb FAVORITE RECIPES collected by the original EHFix members!  Have these recipes at your fingertips to make staying on track easy!

Emergency Health Fix Low Carb Cookbook Volume II

This second collection highlights recipes found in the EVOLUTION  program to add more easy, low-carb adapted favorites into your home arsenal!

Men's Fishing Shirt
Men's Fishing Shirt

EHFix Gift Cards

Give the gift of health and healing to your  friends and family! 


Ask THEM to purchase one for YOU!

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