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FASTING - the biggest FIX of all!

Are you STILL unhappy with your appearance? Still trying to figure out how to get a lean/tight body? Staring at saggy skin and wrinkles in the mirror? Still hating on that cellulite? Let me ask you this: Are you STILL eating every single day of every single month of every single year? WHY?

FASTING PEOPLE!!!! It's the icing on the cake! The cherry on top of your sundae! If you are not doing it, START. If you are only doing it a bit, it's time to ramp it up! FASTING benefits go WAY BEYOND weight loss. If you never try it, you will never know!

If you do the SAME thing EVERYDAY, you can expect to get the SAME results day in and day out.... boring...frustrating... In order to really see your body change dramatically, you need to GIVE IT A BREAK from processing a constant stream of incoming nutrients and give it TIME FOR REPAIR! This is what the third week of ACCELERATOR is all about folks!

The process I lead you through in ACCELERATOR is a PROGRESSION, the ORDER MATTERS! First drop the sugar, gain control over your choices, your routine, and your hunger.... THEN EXERT MAXIMAL CONTROL by fasting!

Take a look at my personal journey! All the weight loss in that first year left the saggy EXTRA skin on my belly seen in the middle pic.

How did I get that to go away??

NOT surgery!

NOT more weight loss (in fact, I gained weight as I toned up!)

You guessed it: FASTING!!!!

It certainly didn't happen overnight, but I was determined and I kept at it. I started incorporating MANY different types of fasting to keep driving that INSULIN level down!! This is ACCELERATOR 101!!! It's not about cutting CALORIES. Nope! When I eat I REALLY EAT!

I switched up my FASTING and eating window A LOT:

-I did a 24 hour fast at least once weekly.

-I also FASTED daily in windows. Some weeks I practiced an 8 hour eating window and some weeks 4

-I also did some OMAD style eating occasionally

All types of fasting is BENEFICIAL to weight loss, healing, and AUTOPHAGY!! Remember this from ACCELERATOR!

Why do people get excited about this program?? Let's review! Here's all the reasons you should incorporate more FASTING into your life??

(1)The FAT STAYS GONE! Scientific studies show that incorporating FASTING into your regimen ensures the FAT STAYS OFF FOR GOOD! 😁

(2)Harness the power of AUTOPHAGY! heal your body, reverse the signs of aging, and eradicate disease!! It's like getting a facelift plus lipo!! My FASTERS regularly get comments about how much younger they look and function??? YES!!!!!!!😁

(3)BREAK THROUGH PLATEAUS!   Move beyond JUMPSTART! Are you stuck? Did you fall back into old habits? Not seeing progress?? We've all been there!!! FASTING is the KEY to keeping things under tight control and forcing your progress forward!💪

(4)CONNECT FOR HEALTH! Fasting with friends and family from across the country is so FUN!  Connect with each other throughout this ENTIRE SEASON and boost the health, happiness, and energy all around you!!! 💕

(5)Dramatically reshape your physique!! Why kill yourself at the gym! Let FASTING do the SCULPTING while you read a great book! 😂! Launch yourself FORWARD into the season!

(6)THE PROGRAM PAYS FOR ITSELF!! This is a NO BRAINER PEOPLE! The food you DON'T EAT while in the fasting program would cost you MORE than the program itself! 🤪And the lessons you learn will save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over your lifetime!💰💵💰💵

Don't worry about IF you can do it!

In the immortal words of YODA : Try NOT! DO!

Just come have fun with it! You are MUCH stronger than you think! Challenge yourself to go just a little farther with those fasting hours while you are with the safety of the group and learning loads more tips for success!

Fasting is the EASIEST learning module! Just 3 days at a time... prep, fast, recover. Then BREATHE! 😂 We'll repeat that cycle throughout the season. You don't even have to participate each time, but you will get the education and you can TAP on your teammates to fast ANYTIME you like!

Hippocrates called fasting the "cure for all ailments"! Join us to learn JUST HOW POWERFUL this tool is!

My clients who participate in the EHFix Group FASTS come back EVERY SEASON to POWER UP with friends!

Still need more?

Here's the SKINNY (pun intended!) on EXACTLY what's about to go down:

The FASTING program is delivered via our favorite TEXTING PARROT interactive app! Get education throughout the day, ask questions, and have your concerns addressed on the spot!

Beginner and experienced clients work together to help each other through the whole process! FASTING TEAMS are kept LARGE for MAX SUPPORT!

My experienced FASTERS know the drill: Each individual FAST includes 3 consecutive days of texting:

-a PREP day filled with information on how to get your ready to fast

-a FULL 24 hour FASTING day- you are in control and go as long as you want

-a RECOVERY day to learn how best to return to eating

On prep days you learn how to plan for your fast, get over the social stigma of fasting, and avoid beginner pitfalls.

On fasting days, receive ongoing text education and get support from fellow fasters to help you manage your hunger and gain control of the MAX FAT BURNING ENERGY.

Recovery days leave you feeling leaner, more in control, and more energized to continue on with your week. Learn to recover like a pro as you continue the fat burn!

Supported 3 days fasts will occur throughout the season. Check the up-to-date program listing for the dates this season.

Dr. Erin is known to throw in some extras, like group meditation and stretch on ZOOM!

You don't need to BE FREE on the PLANNED fasting days. You will receive the education and can connect and receive support anytime you like. Many of the fasters will call on each other to fast together throughout the season.

Stay healthy friends!!

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