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FASTING!!!  Easily the MOST POPULAR and MOST BOOKED program in the EHFix arsenal!! 

WHY is that??  IT'S the SHARPEST TOOL in the box for CARVING OFF THE FAT, INCREASING ENERGY, and RENEWING YOUR YOUTHFULLNESS!   This program pays for itself in grocery money saved!!! And it takes the LEAST committment timewise!   It's all about the AUTOPHAGY BABY!


The FASTING terminology ABOVE is introduced in the third week of ACCELERATOR- the ONLY PREREQUISITE for joining the SPRING FASTING CREW!   


Are you looking to ramp up your progress toward your health goals and/or look better in a swimsuit before Summer? SIGNING UP FOR GROUP FASTING IS A NO BRAINER!!!  The FASTING education will teach you how to break into PROLONGED FASTING for MAX benefits!


The fasting program runs on the same INTERACTIVE MESSAGING platform as the other programs.  FASTING groups are among the LARGEST support groups in the EHFix family.   The Spring Fast education runs a total of 12 days split into 4 separate FASTS.  Each FAST has a day 1 PREP, day 2 FAST, and Day 3 RECOVERY pattern. 


Here's what you'll learn:



-learn what to eat and drink for a successful fast

-get into a fasting mindset

-jump over the emotional hurdles of  fasting

-learn how to talk to your family and friends about fasting

-shop for the big day

-get over the social stigma of fasting

-avoid beginner pitfalls



-receive ongoing text education from Dr. Erin

-continual interactive support from your peers

-learn how to manage hunger

-tools for maximizing your time and energy

-the rules for  how to FAST safely

-how to recognize a bad fast and when to STOP  

-get tips to maximize the healing power of fasting

-optional: LIVE ZOOM meditation in the evening



-learn how to measure a successful fast

-how to return to eating in a controlled way

-how to maximize your extended FASTING benefits

-what foods are most important for recovery

-how often to include fasting in your overall diet

-how to make FASTING beneficial to your overall life


What if you are unavailable for one of the fasting modules?  That's  OK-- most of your fellow fasters will take one or more fasts off. You still receive the education and can use it anytime on your own fasting day.


The Spring 2024 program dates are listed below: 

Fast #1

Prep Mon 3/18  Fast Tues 3/19 Recover Wed 3/20

Fast #2

Prep Wed 4/3  Fast Thurs 4/4  Recover Fri 4/5

Fast #3

Prep Sun 4/28 Fast Mon 4/29 Recover Tues 4/30

Fast #4

Prep Sun 5/12 Fast Mon 5/13  Recover Tues 5/14


JOIN the EHFix Fasting crew to quickly SHED THE WINTER WEIGHT and RAMP UP YOUR Spring cleaning INSIDE AND OUT!


Sign up NOW and learn how to prolong your FASTING time with ease!   Prep, fast, recover... easy as 1-2-3!

Spring Fasting 2024

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