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Welcome to Emergency Health Fix

Interactive Virtual Coaching with a Board-Certified Emergency Physician

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  • increased FAT LOSS

  • increased energy & vitality

  • more youthful appearance

  • increased confidence

  • stronger immune health

  • durable, resilient body

  • decreased depression & anxiety

  • prevention & treatment of chronic disease


Wellness &

Weight Loss Training

Group Fasting



 Support & Accountability

Personal Medical Consultation

"The FIX is in the FOOD!  I help motivated people learn to eat in a way that HEALS and brings them greater happiness and vitality.   Total HEALTH is the focus...healthy FAT LOSS just follows."    -Dr. Erin                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Mosaic Stones

What We Offer

By the end of Accelerator, I felt like a whole new person... experiencing happy life moments for the first time in forever & felt like I could be the person I felt I was in my heart, but didn't have brain space or energy to be.



-Nora, South Carolina

I am so happy I made this choice! I'm down 20 pounds and feel so happy and energetic.  I'm playing with my grandkids.  I helped my Mom get off her Metformin.  My husband has dropped 36 pounds and 2 pant sizes without even trying.  My friends are all asking me about your amazing program and copying how I eat.  Thank you so much for introducing me to a healthier lifestyle!

-Angie, Delaware

I joined EHFix after a heart attack and stents.  Since joining just months ago I've lost 50 pounds and have way more energy.  No more back or knee pain, and my risk of another heart attack has dropped significantly.  My cardiologist is amazed and my family is so relieved!  Dr. Erin is incredible!


Highly recommend!

-Scott, Colorado

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