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Emergency Health Fix
Prevention.Wellness. Renewal.

EHFix Interactive Messaging provides a unique and quick way to learn on the go!

Dr. Erin teaches the science behind low-carb eating and healthy eating habits BY PHONE! 


"I help motivated people learn to eat in a way that HEALS and brings them happiness and vitality.   Total HEALTH is the focus, healthy FAT LOSS follows." 
                                                                                                                        -Dr. Erin

This has been life changing for me! Thank you for the accelerator experience.


By the end of the 21 days, I felt like a whole new person experiencing happy life moments for the first time in forever & felt like I could be the person I felt I was in my heart, but didn't have brain space or energy to be. LIBERATING!!!


I've lost two belt hole sizes in 10 days! l feel great, lot's of energy now and I'm never hungry, never.


I am so happy that I will be living the second half of my life with more knowledge and understanding of the importance of nutrition and how it plays a role in our health.


You've forever changed me for the better.  I run 35lbs leaner and my body composition improves daily.  


Every week I am learning new things that help me make better food and exercise choices! LOVE this program!



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Headquarters: Elkton, Maryland

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