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What are the FASTING programs all about?

FASTING is absolute sharpest tool in the box when it comes to healing, hunger control, and sculpting our bodies, Hippocrates himself called fasting the "cure for all ailments" and IT IS! My clients who participate in the FASTS come back every Fall and Spring to gain power over their own destiny!

Scientific studies show that incorporating FASTING into your regimen ensures the FAT STAYS OFF FOR GOOD! The power of AUTOPHAGY to heal your body and reverse the signs of aging in REAL!! All EHFix members can attest! This is why my FASTING programs are so extremely popular!

Fasting can seem daunting in the beginning when you are facing long hours of not eating alone. ACCELERATOR provides enough FASTING education and tricks to get you started, but these are just the tip on the iceberg. There's a lot more to learn when it comes to fasting! And FASTING with friends is much more fun!

The FASTING programs are delivered via interactive text to groups of beginner and experienced clients. My experienced FASTERS know the drill: Each individual FAST includes 3 consecutive days of texting: a PREP day to get your ready, a FULL 24 hour FASTING DAY, and a RECOVERY day. You can FAST as long as you like! On prep days you learn how to plan for your fast, get over the social stigma of fasting, and avoid beginner pitfalls. On fasting days, receive ongoing text education and get support from fellow fasters to help you manage your hunger and gain control of the MAX FAT BURNING energy. Recovery days leave you feeling leaner, more in control, and more energized to continue on your healthy path.

The core educational content of the Fall and Spring fasts is the same. The Fall module has two additional BONUS fasts that lend support around the many holiday feasts of Fall. The dates for the 6 Fall FASTS are posted in September. The dates for the 4 Spring FASTS are posted in February. Look out for these offerings when you are getting ready to shed the Winter layers and/or needing to get back on track from Summer fun!

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