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Weight Loss Stalled? Are you on a plateau?

One of the most frequent concerns I hear from past and present clients is about their weight loss progress stalling and therefore, motivation falling😕? Let's talk about the predictable "stalls" and the REAL plateaus!

First, let me say this: if you have completed ACCELERATOR, even if you have done it TWICE, you have only SCRATCHED THE SURFACE of my nutritional knowledge and tricks for habit formation. ACCELERATOR is my attempt to show you a long term trajectory approach to weight loss, in the shortest amount of time, with the smallest amount of meaningful words possible😂. I really pack it in!

If you come to me really educated about nutrition at the start and just need to tweak a few habits or manage to get sooo motivated by ACCELERATOR that you read all the books I recommend and continue to educate yourself... you may be GOOD TO GO with just ACCELERATOR! All good!

For everyone else, please understand that ACCLERATOR is the tip of the iceberg, a toe dip in the pool, a casual stroll through some of the highlights.... when it comes to attaining healthy goals. If you are STUCK AFTER ACCELERATOR, it's not because "it didn't work" or "didn't stick", it's because YOU HAVE ONLY JUST BEGUN! I strongly encourage you to continue on with your education until your personal health PUZZLE is complete!

Remember, ACCELERATOR is also an intial DETOX from sugar addiction-- it's ok to fall off the wagon and get back at it! GUILTY🙋‍♀️ over and over!

All of the other programs Evolution, Superhuman, Group Fasting, and EHFix LIVE spawned from the NEED for deeper education on all of the subjects INTRODUCED in ACCELERATOR. It's ok to take a few months off between programs and come back whenever you feel your motivation falling. Here's a link to what the programs have to offer:

OKAY! So bottom line: KEEP going with your education with our without me!! Don't stop learning!

Now let's talk plateaus:

There are some VERY predictable "plateaus" (some real, some not) that occur in a low carb diet! EVOLUTION is ALL ABOUT THIS!! If you are "plateauing" you should join EVOLUTION!

First plateau: end of week 2, beginning of week 3 DURING ACCELERATOR. Quite frequently I will have clients contact me (usually privately) concerned about a weight loss plateau after having lost 5-10 pounds in the first 7-10 days...ummmmm... 🤔. Consider: when is the last time you lost 5 pounds in 1 week or 2 weeks or 3 weeks for that matter.... and follow up question: did it stay off? OK-- so while I quietly walk you off the ledge of your scale, I try gently to get you to recognize that you just WIPED THE FLOOR with your brain in the previous week and your body is struggling to regain a little equilibrium. Actually, your kidneys are reabsorbing some of the water losses you took on in week one in order to find a new homeostasis for your body, AFTER WHICH.... THE REAL WEIGHT LOSS STARTS. This "real" weight loss is the long haul, staying-off-forever-kind!

Second plateau: OK. so if you manage to "believe in the process" and push past the first plateau (read: MENTAL SETBACK) you will go on feeling better and better and more confident every single day UNTIL ONE DAY about 3 months later! Seriously people, this is VERY predictable. EVOLUTION was created HERE! Again, this may or may not be a TRUE stall. We may need to tweak your diet and habits just a little bit again (NOTHING near as painful as JUMPSTART!), but we'll have you off to the races again confidently in no time--- and by RACES I mean VERY SLOW, almost imperceptible, CONSTANT FAT LOSS!

I say FAT LOSS specifically to help you realize that often, at the 3 month mark, weight loss may temporarily stall, but FAT LOSS is continuing. And the signs of that really start adding up around that time. One of the major signs my members love: putting on the clothing of next SEASON and suddenly swimming in it!!! Joy of joys!! Often times, this is the first EUREKA moment for clients who THOUGHT "nothing was happening".

That's the TRUE WONDER of continuing with a low carb lifestyle--it happens right before your eyes (if you can keep them from focusing too much on the scale!). The further you go, the easier the diet seems. All the while you gain happiness and energy, you start achieving in all aspects of life, and you start suffering a whole lot less! JUST FROM CHANGING WHAT YOU EAT! Then you wake up one day and start liking yourself in pictures and feeling good when you put on your clothes! Heck you even like your shadow more!!

Moral of this story: WE ALL EXPERIENCE the plateaus! Have perseverance with a diet I KNOW MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER (with or without the every single day weight loss) and you'll push past your current plateau! I'm always SO HAPPY to HELP YOU move forward!

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