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Which EHFix program is right for me?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

ACCELERATOR is for beginners who are new to low carb eating. Start here if you are NEW to EHFix, want to review the concepts, or have gotten too far off your healthy diet and need a reboot. I encourage EVERYONE to go through ACCELERATOR at least twice. There are a lot of important details and tips in the program! Often beginners get consumed with figuring out where the carbs are and getting through the sugar detox and miss some important concepts that propel you past worrying about carbs to understanding what you can achieve by cutting carbs. Best plan: bring a new friend along for your second round!

EVOLUTION gives some structure to your overall journey connecting ACCELERATOR to MOMENTUM. Very often, my ACCELERATOR clients end that program and don't know what to do IMMEDIATELY next. The answer: simply continue with what you started. I encourage people to spend some time figuring it out on your own. It's a good idea to take a few weeks or months following ACCELERATOR to just explore foods, recipes, meal timing, etc. Once you get comfortable, possibly too comfortable, it's time to learn the next step. This is where EVOLUTION picks up! EVOLUTION contains the NUTS AND BOLTS of fundamental learning for a low carb eater who knows they are truly ready to commit to this lifestyle. My EVOLUTION clients are typically staying on track with low carb eating easily and happily, but they are not quite sure if they lost their rudder and/or are continuing to make progress. The quintessential missing pieces of the developing puzzle can be found in EVOLUTION.

Some people are ready to progress to EVOLUTION immediately following ACCELERATOR. If you followed along easily and feel you are ready for it, great! Sometimes people just need a break from the everyday texting! I get that😂! Others really need to get settled with all they learned in ACCELERATOR prior to trying to take on MORE. Some will head back to ACCELERATOR prior to moving forward to really strengthen that foundation first. There's no wrong answers, just individual needs.

MOMENTUM is a bit of a different animal! This program is for clients wanting to get maximally healthy and lean by tweaking their diet and exercise regimen even more! That's right! I said exercise. My MOMENTUM folks have typically been on track MOST OF THE TIME for nearly a year and now have the natural energy to be moving quite a bit. Some of my advanced clients are ready for this one within months of completing ACCELERATOR. However, the majority of my clients are not envisioning themselves looking super buff and lean-- the picture of GOOD HEALTH- right at the beginning! Feeling this program is "not for you" at the start of your journey is pretty normal. Keep up the good work by focusing on the lessons of ACCELERATOR and EVOLUTION and soon enough.... you'll surprise yourself with just how far you can envision yourself going! You're ready for this program when you are beginning to feel empowered with ACTUALLY HAVING CONTROL over your health and can envision yourself going the distance in terms of achieving your highest health related goals!

Fall, Spring, and Summer Group FASTING! These programs are a HUGE FAN FAVORITE among my clients! Fixed Nation Fans on all parts of their journey pour back into these groups every season for one simple reason: FASTING PROPELS YOU FORWARD, no matter what stage you are at. BUT... learning it and doing it is not easy, especially alone! There is no getting TRULY HEALTHY without incorporating all the different fasting styles into your life. Once you have learned how to get control of your appetite and fuel your body right with ACCELERATOR, you are ready to give prolonged FASTING a try. Prolonged fasting gives your body the time to HEAL, REPAIR, and DETOX (get rid of the garbage) to propel your health forward. It's a fun challenge filled with loads of EXTRA EDUCATION and support for how and why to fast. Fasting is way more fun when you are not alone! Friends don't let friends FAST alone! EVERYONE in the EHFix Family joins repeatedly to support one another in RIDING THE WAVE of supported fasting together! Don't miss these opportunities-- the $10 group fasts pay for themselves in food dollars saved!

EHFix LIVE! This is a daily support program for those clients who feel they need continuous support for staying on track or for clients that completely EAT UP this health stuff like I do. Do you ever just wish there were other people AS INTERESTED in learning about health as you? Join the EHFix LIVE CREW!! The LIVE VIP's have tons of ENERGY to help support you and can interact on the app ANYTIME they wish. We constantly motivate one another to stay on track and pull each other away from trouble and out of slumps. YES!! We too have difficulty staying on track and have to get through LIFE! This program puts the HUMAN into the equation!! My LIVE VIPs are the MOST involved SUPERFANS in the EHFix family. They love lending support to beginners and experts alike. Join to learn the lessons presented at all levels of programming and more each week. EHFix LIVE members direct our weekly learning with their interests and concerns. They receive daily supportive texts once a day containing little tidbits of education and then, once weekly, join Dr. Erin LIVE on Zoom to discuss. Zoom meetings are optional and are recorded for later listening/viewing by members at any time. LIVE members also enjoy special VIP access to the LIVE VIP SUITE on the EHFix website which contains the entire VAULT of EHFix education and support. LIVE memberships can be purchased monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

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