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Magnesium! The ONLY Necessary Supplement

Hey low carb friends! What vitamins and minerals do I recommend you take? ONLY ONE: Magnesium. Clients come to me taking all sorts of unnecessary OTC and prescribed vitamins and minerals. Almost any nutritional deficiency can be corrected with a well-balanced low carb diet and the correction of the hormones that control your essential nutrients. Studies of research participants on long term, consistent low carb diets (like us!) show a deficiency can develop in only ONE mineral: Magnesium.

Magnesium plays an important role in every cell of the body. Having OPTIMAL levels of Magnesium helps with:

-stress management



-muscle cramping


-low energy


-blood pressure

-blood sugar

The highest natural concentration of Magnesium is found in nuts, seeds, fish, and greens. Dark chocolate contains a fair amount as well (1 ounce= 65 grams)! The recommended daily intake is between 300 (tiny woman) and 500 (large man) milligrams (mg). Overshooting by a little is fine. Overdosing on Magnesium is extremely rare.

Magnesium supplementation daily (or at least every other day) is recommended if you do not eat a lot of the above foods. For example, nut allergic clients can't consume one of the largest sources.

Magnesium is known at the "relaxation mineral". A telltale sign of deficiency is inability to mentally or physically RELAX. If you feel tense, tight, cramped, stiff, or constipated, you may be deficient. Should you have your levels measured? No. Measurements of Magnesium in the bloodstream are most often inaccurate. Simply begin taking a supplement if you have these signs.

Magnesium supplements come in 3 main forms, each with different properties. Take the one that YOU will benefit from MOST (you can mix and match as needed):

(1) Magnesium Glycinate (also called Neuro-magnesium)- this is the only form that acts on the brain. Best taken at bedtime, it can help with sleep, stress, nighttime muscle cramps, restless legs, and headache treatment and prevention.

(2) Magnesium Citrate (the laxative)- all Magnesium has a laxative effect (like Milk of Mag), but none more than this form, best for the chronically constipated or taken occasionally as needed

(3)Magnesium Oxalate- this cheapest form is adequate for those NOT in need of the specific benefits of the other more expensive, better absorbed forms. It too will offer some of the benefits of the above forms.

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