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Repeat ACCELERATOR? or am I ready for EVOLUTION?

ACCELERATOR is the absolute STARTING LINE at EHFix. It includes the JUMPSTART sugar detox module and contains the cornerstone of education regarding metabolism. Introductions to dietary and lifestyle modifications including macro recognition, metabolic flexibility, hunger control, stress management, time restricted eating and fasting. ACCELERATOR begins to reinforce WHY it makes sense to reduce carbs permanently. It is where you BEGIN to learn how to create a low carb lifestyle for you and your family.

ACCELERATOR can feel like a whirlwind of constant change. It is especially difficult for those struggling with a lot of carb withdrawal symptoms in the beginning. In many ways, ACCELERATOR teaches the opposite of what was considered healthy eating in the recent past. For this reason, some of the EDUCATION piece can get lost. If you finish ACCELERATOR not quite sure about how to proceed or feeling spun around and confused then I recommend repeating it right away. If you finish feeling somewhat confident with going forward, then you may be ready to move on. Often times, clients will repeat ACCELERATOR just to gain confidence before moving forward. A second pass through ACCELERATOR can help you hone your low carb practice, expand your diet/cooking repertoire, or get your questions answered.

ACCELERATOR is by far the most popular and most repeated program. Whenever, clients feel like they are getting a little off track, ACCELERATOR brings them back home! It's common that clients will return with family and friends for a second pass as they are working to expand support in their homes and educate their loved ones. Some clients repeat ACCELERATOR month after month because they simply love the messaging and like to help support new beginners.

Once you are following a low carb diet easily and you are questioning your choices less you will start to feel like you are on auto-pilot. This typically happens between months 2-3, but can be sooner for some and later for others. Choices in your day seem obvious, your diet becomes more expansive, you cheat and recover like a champ, but probably less frequently because you love how you feel when you are staying on track! You likely feel happy and have great energy. It's time to move on to EVOLUTION.

At this time your progress with your body composition is likely slowing to a pace that is difficult to measure day to day. You may be questioning whether your low carb choices are still WORKING for you. You may be worrying about whether you will be able to stick with it. EVOLUTION is the program designed to give you confidence to keep going. Get more education about macro choices, breaking carb addiction, tackling plateaus, cholesterol, exercise modules, and more! Learn to EVOLVE into a healthier version of you!

If you read ALL OF THE ABOVE and you are still not sure which to choose, I'll make it simple- choose ACCELERATOR! When you are ready for EVOLUTION you will know!

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