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Birthday cake! Making good on my promise(s)

I make you all a promise at the very start of our journey together!

“I will show you how to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, and still be healthy…”

Your EHFix journey begins with me advising you to throw away many of the foods that bring you joy and comfort😳

It’s not always pleasant getting started with me, especially in those first few days…but if you trust me… and you stick together with your team… you WILL all make it through! 🙃

All the while, I encourage you to start finding, rediscovering, and focusing your time and energy on all the OTHER things that bring you comfort and joy…

Meanwhile, I maintain that promise that you WILL be able to return to “eating whatever you want, whenever you want”.

I also promise that “WHAT you want…WILL CHANGE”…

This isn’t me promising that you’re gonna start liking kale better than chocolate cake😂… this promise means you will start WANTING differently for yourself.

When you begin to understand just how much chocolate cake takes you further and further away from the person you want to be … bite by bite….your mindset about how much you actually want it changes.

The rich deliciousness of that cake doesn’t change: YOU do!

This isn’t my only promise to you…

In fact, I make a lot of promises😂

I promise your taste buds will change …

I promise your metabolism will improve …

I promise you can enjoy celebrations and commiserations just like everyone else …

I promise you will create many new goals for yourself… some you couldn’t even conceive at the start.

MY PERSONAL JOURNEY started just like yours.

Here’s where I’m at today:

As many of you know, I’m celebrating a milestone birthday this month- 50 years!

I’m happy with how I look, feel, and function at age 50. In many ways, I’m in the best shape of my life.

I’ve had a big celebratory weekend. Had loads of fun with friends and family- filled with dancing, laughter, and memorable stories !

I’ve had two days in a row filled with junk food, cake, and alcohol! Also sushi, pizza, crab cakes… the works!

It’s been wonderful and I was more than happy to take part in all the fun foods and revelry focused on ME!🤩

And I’m fine. Truly. I can now burn through all that junk like I did when I was a kid again….

This is what the MAINTENANCE PHASE of a low-carb lifestyle looks like: my metabolism has been FIXED!

BUUUTTT…. Today I look forward to returning to just being me!!

And JUST ME is healthy. By definition, I don’t eat cake everyday😂. Nor do I want to.

Nope. I got to where I’m at by staying on track at least 90% of the time! Back when I was hell bent on losing the weight I would get close to 100% whenever I could! Because of that commitment, it didn’t take forever! I didn't even manage to do it for consecutive months. that's OK!

Now: Healthy me eats really nourishing foods nearly all the time. It’s such a blessing that I have that choice. Mindset change🙌

It’s Sunday following my big celebrations. Very likely I will have a big low-carb brunch and then start my regular fast! Many of my closest team members (SWAT TEAM!) will be right there with me!

Having the support of a healthy team feels great! I now get more joy and comfort, on all of my regular days, by sticking with the team and contributing to our shared goals!


If you’re finding it hard to stay on track and reach your goals, TRUST ME AGAIN— WHAT you need is MORE SUPPORT!

WE ARE HERE!! Start tuning into Emergency Health Fix messages and chatting with the team!! You’ll find members on my social media channels everywhere!

Always remember this:

YOU ARE WHAT YOU CONTINUALLY DO!! Connect with healthy people MORE and soon you'll be doing MORE of what we do until you'll just be one of us! 🙌

If we have worked together in the past, you should be a member of Fixed Nation on Facebook!! Join our FREE big team there to help you stay track! Join us by clicking this link:

If you really wanna beef up your effort with crushing goals, jump on the SWAT team!!

Come July 1st, SWAT team members will be challenging each other to stay on track ALL SUMMER with lots of fun goals!

We will pass through weeks of tracking protein, self-care, eating cycles, and exercise! This won’t feel like work!! More like friends supporting each other to just feel great everyday! Here's the link if you want to join:

It’s gonna be fun friends!

I promise! 😃

❤️Dr. E

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