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Before your Start: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

What is Emergency Health Fix?

EHFix was created by Owner and Operator, Erin Reardon, MD (AKA Dr. Erin). Dr. Erin is an Emergency Physician with a passion for preventative health and wellness. She has

expertise is reversing fat gain, obesity, and obesity related disease through natural means. Her programs teach the proven scientific principles behind physical, mental, and emotional wellness achieved through nutritious eating, stress management, and exercise. Sign up with Dr. Erin and you will have a personal physician on YOUR side for life!😉

How do I get started with EHFix?

Sign up for EHFix programs under "programs". Beginners should sign up for ACCELERATOR. The 21 day ACCELERATOR course teaches EVERYTHING you need to know. All other programs are for OPTIONAL future learning. ACCELERATOR launches on the first Sunday of every month (except for December and July). That first Sunday is just a HELLO day and is the last day for late sign-ups.

What is included with the ACCELERATOR price?

Start Up Videos- these 4 videos educate you about self-assessment of your health and choosing healthy foods. They are your s to keep and share.

Jumpstart Starter Packet- this is your sugar detox packet, learn what to expect in week one and how to manage symptoms as needed.

Course Outline- learn what to expect over 3 weeks and take notes.

Initial Medical Assessment- Dr. Erin will review the confidential medical information you provide at the start to ensure your safety and give specific recommendations for management of medical problems, medications, and dietary needs. The program will be adjusted for your specific needs as required.

Optional Zoom- some members like to meet with Dr. Erin simply to say hello or have additional questions answered before getting started. This is NOT required.

21 days of Interactive Education/Guidance/Support- Dr. Erin will roll out the text education for 21 days straight. Additionally, she and the EHFix coaches are ON CALL to answer any question you may have 24/7 via Group text or private email. Dr. Erin will be ON CALL through Zoom for any emergency support as well.

Optional Morning Zoom Exercise- work out with Dr. Erin and her team every morning M-F @ 7:30 ET or S-S @ 8 am ET. Get specific instruction daily and learn what you may be doing wrong in your weekly routine. Beginners- expert welcome. All members past and present are invited to join ANYTIME.

How EXACTLY do I learn with EHFix?

On the first Sunday of your ACCELERATOR month, you will receive a TEXT invite to "Join Your Team" on the app. The free Texting Parrot App was designed specifically for EHFix. This app allows GROUP MEMBERs to communicate with text and pictures to each other and to Dr. Erin. This app keeps your personal information private. Other members will know you by FIRST NAME ONLY and members are welcome to use ANY NICKNAME they like.

Once you join your group on the app, all education notifications will come through the app. Dr. Erin regularly releases messages throughout the day. This is just like receiving a text. You will receive education about nutrition, exercise, and wellness throughout including pictures, recipes, and expert tips. Team members can follow along with the messages throughout the day or silence notifications and catch up with the learning and team exchanges at ANY TIME OF THE DAY. Some members will speak back and forth with Dr. Erin all day, others will opt to stay quiet... there are no rules for engagement. Use the program however you choose!

How do I learn what to eat?

Dr. Erin will give you step by step instructions for making small, continuous changes in the right direction. Education starts with the videos provided at purchase. Each day of the program will offer loads of different meal and snack ideas in the form of pictures. Teammates are encouraged to send pics of meals and snacks for additional learning. Dr. Erin will help you learn what HARMFUL FOODS to remove from your plates and what BENEFICIAL FOODS to add to ramp up your success.

I'm worried about SUGAR DETOX! I'm a sugar junky and I don't have time for not feeling well? Is THIS the keto diet? I've heard about "keto flu"!

No matter what expert you speak to about better health or what type of nourishment they recommend ONE THING IS CLEAR AND AGREED UPON SCIENTIFICALLY: less SUGAR and less PROCESSED food leads to better health through improved mental, physical, and emotional wellness! I teach the scientific facts. This means, my programs are aimed at teaching how to slowly cut back on the excess sugar contained in your personal and family meals and snacks.

There is ALOT more to the KETO diet than simply cutting back on sugar. So no, I do not teach the KETO diet. Although, there are specific MEDICAL PROBLEMS for which I may direct individuals to a more KETO way of eating.

The "keto flu' refers to the WITHDRAWAL symptoms people develop when dropping excess sugar abruptly from their diet. The more dependent on SWEETS an individual is at the start, the more intense "keto flu" symptoms can be. ACCELERATOR contains education about recognition and treatment of these symptoms. They are easily controlled and are akin to "working with a cold". Most commonly, clients can have mild headache, nausea, fatigue, and constipation on day 2-3. For clients who develop severe symptoms, we simply back off and reduce sugar a little more slowly. No one needs to SUFFER through "keto flu" to move forward. Everyone is encouraged to make changes at their own pace.

How much weight loss can I expect?

Many of my clients join for weight loss. Dr. Erin's FOCUS will always be IMPROVED HEALTH! For many clients, improved health includes loss of excess fat. How much you lose depends on how much you NEED to lose and how often you are sticking with the recommendations in the program. Dr. Erin will discuss weight expectations and goals with you in her initial consultation. Average weight loss for most clients in year one is 35-55 pounds. Year two average weight loss (provided you still NEED to lose more) is 25-45 pounds. Weight loss and physique changes will continue forever with consistency and dedication. If you are not making progress as desired, Dr. Erin may suggest you continue on with the learning path and/or schedule a personal consultation.

What happens after the 21 days?

For 21 days, Dr. Erin will lead you continually down a path toward improved health with new scientific tools and tricks introduced daily! After that, you will be left to employ what you have learned on your own. And please! Share what you have learned to help your whole family get healthier!!

Of course, many people feel the need for ongoing learning, support, and accountability! This is why you see so many OTHER EHFix programs!

Tell me about the OTHER programs offered? Which are the favorites?

The most popular EHFix Programs by far are the 21 day ACCELERATOR Program and the GROUP FASTING Programs.

ACCELERATOR: as promised, ACCELERATOR contains ALL the education you need! The entire path toward wellness is laid out in front of you in ACCELERATOR. ACCELERATOR is JAM PACKED with enough great education to continue incorporating for years. AND it contains the ever-popular JUMPSTART week for those who need to quickly return to best habits. BEST FEATURE: ACCELERATOR IS HALF PRICE FOR ANY RETURNING CLIENT!

GROUP FASTING: This class is offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. It builds on the initial FASTING science taught in ACCELERATOR and quickly teaches members how to go from beginner to expert faster with the support of the EHFix TEAM. BEST FEATURE: FASTING is the program that pays for itself and then some!

EVOLUTION/MOMENTUM: these programs are step 2 and 3 beyond ACCELERATOR for the folks who just can't learn enough! I will warn you! The changes you make in ACCELERATOR will be tremendous! You will leave with a sense of needing to know more. EVOLUTION will guide you through your complete transformation as you continue a low carb commitment and MOMENTUM will bring you to your BEST POSSIBLE HEALTH and PHYSIQUE.

EHFIX LIVE TEAM: join this team is you want EVERYDAY accountability and support from Dr. Erin and EHFix friends just like you!! These members STAY ON THE APP and can communicate with each other freely before, during, after, and between programs. They receive once daily messages from Dr. Erin for ongoing guidance and education. Teammates have the option to Zoom in twice monthly with Dr. Erin for discussion. LIVE meetings are recorded for members to enjoy anytime. LIVE Team members get VIP discounts throughout the year and are the first to know about specials. They also have special access to a LIVE VIP Online Suite. This contains all the EHFix charts and tools as well as videos, podcasts, and links from health experts all around the world.


Yes always! There is always a BUY 4, Get 1 FREE discount for teams of 5. Contact Dr. Erin via email if you would like to purchase as a team:

Other ways to save with EHFix:

(1)JOIN EARLY! Each month the price goes up as the LAUNCH deadline approaches!

(2) Stay tuned in to EHFix emails and social media for announcements of specials, discounts, and new releases

(3)BUY a PACKAGE- if you know from the start that you want to go ALL IN with joining EVERY program, take a look at the money saving package offers. The link is at the top of the "programs" page.

(4)Request the GIFT of better health! EHFix sells gift certificates on the website! These make great birthday and holiday gifts for those who VALUE health!

(5)Become a COACH!! Coaches get ACCELERATOR FREE when they are coaching and get 50% off all other programs IN ADDITION TO GETTING PAID!

(6) Follow EHFix on social media and read the blog to access all the FREE EDUCATION being released monthly.

Dr. Erin is available for group coaching as well. Invite her to your school, business, club, or gym to speak with members about the program or put together an education package. Details can be worked out via email.

How can I become an EHFix COACH?

The EHFix Coaches were once customers just like you. Each of them has participated in EVERY program module and gone through additional training with Dr. Erin privately. Contact Dr. Erin if you are interested in getting on the Coaching Track.

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