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April-May Member Updates

There is no lack of testimonials among EHFix clients and their families!  RECEIVE A $50 OFF GIFT FROM EHFIX WHEN YOU SEND YOUR BEFORE AND AFTER PICS!!

My member updates role in constantly and bring me so much JOY!   I hope they bring you joy, motivation, and inspiration as well!  Please share these with friends and family who are in need of a change!  They may see themselves in someone else's words and fulfilled dreams!  Thank you to everyone who has sent recent updates!  These testimonials keep me in business!  Don't forget to send any before and after pics you are in love with! 

ACCELERATOR Participants during the program:

Day 4:


So far so good. Vegetables are tasting great! 


Had the best nights sleep I’ve had in a really long time. Also, I’m dreaming which I don’t recall in a very long time! Feeling great. Just can’t believe how much better I am sleeping. That was a big issue for me.


I am doing better than I thought! I am not new to low carb just never followed through….I am feeling really good!! I am so used to eating 3 meals a day even if not feeling hungry. Now I am listening to my body….I will eat if I feel hungry. I had a cup of coffee this am starting to feel a little hungry so will have 2 HB eggs and some turkey and cheese. I have been staying under 20 net cabs a day!!!

Day 7:


Full of energy today! I actually made it to the early service at 8 and just finished cleaning the back patio! I love the energy!


I am def feeling more energized. Normally I would hit the snooze multiple times. The last three days or so I have been up early before my alarm ever goes off. And not sluggish. I am notably in a better mood too.

Day 9:

Tracy & Kevin

Kevin just said we should’ve done this years ago! He’s said "I’m killing this thing (the diet lol)!!" . Our moods are sooo much better!!

Day 10:


Good Morning, I feel more alert and healthier overall. Cutting out sugar and eating less carbs has been an eye opener for me. I do get cravings on occasion, but I don’t give in to the temptation.

Day 12:


I have lost 8 pounds since starting this program. For the past two days I have been able to go up the stairs at work without being out of breath. Usually I walk around being tired and hungry all day. That has changed! I have been hesitant to say anything because I'm still in shock!


Self assessment- decreased blood pressure🩸, mood improvement🙂, brain fog gone🧠, more awareness of body signals🚦, clothes fitting better 👖

thankful to be a part of this group! Another thing I have noticed- how good food tastes when you are actually hungry!

Accelerator GRADS:


I have learned a lot and having my BP go down is amazing! Thank you! I feel better too. I will also purchase both of your cookbooks Dr. Erin.


Thank you all for the support and guidance. I’m signing up for the next program. I’m ready to learn more and to keep this going!


I am so glad I finally signed up again. It’s mind blowing how much misinformation is out there.

When Dr. Erin made the comment about my dinner and how I should have focused on eating more of the protein and worried less about eating more vegetables, it dawned on me that mindset is from years of “finish your vegetables” from my own childhood. I need to stay with a new mindset! Looking forward to learning how to incorporate fasting into all of this! Best of luck to everyone. And thank you Dr Erin.


I'm not a huge texter so haven't been very active here, but I have been reading everything! Lost 20lbs so far, feel great, staying really diligent too. So thank you for the jumpstart!! It was liberating to break the carb addiction. 😉🙂

Praise and progress keeps coming months later😊😊😊



Wow this info is fascinating to me! I love it! I am also enjoying working out this week with the EHFix crew. The workouts are so focused and compact! Such a great change up to my typical routine. I love this program so much. I have been telling everyone about it. Feeling really well and noticing such positive changes in my body looking leaner. My before/during pics I have taken are pretty impressive in such a short time. And that’a not even the best part. The way I feel, my energy level and my mental clarity is the very best part!So excited to keep going!

Spring Fasting:


Thank u Dr. Erin!  every time I repeat fasting I feel more educated!  much healthier and happy! I’m thrilled to do spring fast again thanks! See you for Summer fasting!



Hit 40lbs loss today! Looking forward to next fast! Happy Mother’s day to all of us that are Moms! Off blood pressure and cholesterol meds too! Thank god!



Thanks Erin!! Love the changes you have made in the momentum program and love getting refreshed on all the things I can do to switch things up! See you in the morning for workout! I love the morning workout group!! Motivates me everyday!!!💕


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and passion for health. Retaking this course was exactly what I needed to ‘tweak’ my nutrition … forever grateful to you. Wishing you peace, love, happiness and health 💕

Michele T

Loved getting this refresher! Makes me more ratio focused, which is where I saw the biggest benefit of your programs. Always enjoy the texts! ❤️


LIVE is the best program ! I remember when you first started live and we weren't sure what it would be. It has turned into this amazing group of friends who all share the same healthy goals. We pick each other up when we need it and are here to celebrate every wonderful step. The deeper knowledge we get of how everything from stress to our environment t affects us is amazing. It's like having a therapist in our pockets. Thank you for starting this amazing program! 💕💕💕

Long term follow up reports:


Good morning! I did your accelerator program a year ago and I still feel great. I am no longer pre diabetic and am on the lowest dose of my BP meds, hoping to go off those completely!!!


Thank you so much for your help! 4 months and 24 pounds lighter is no joke. I've been on high protein low carb diets since my twenties , with the Air Force Diet, Dr.Atkins and Keto, but nothing was more helpful than your program and explanation of simple understanding. Know the carbs and read the labels!


Erin, what you are doing is fabulous! A great approach to making people healthier! I know a number of people who participate in your program, and the transformations are amazing! My friends are getting healthier and happier because of you. Thank you!

Thanks for all the updates friends!!!  Keep going!  Keep motivating EACHOTHER!!   You are an inspiration to me! 💓, Dr. Erin



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