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June and July Member Updates

There is no lack of testimonials among EHFix clients and their families!  My member updates role in constantly and bring me so much JOY!   I hope these bring you joy, motivation, and inspiration as well!  Please share these with friends and family who are in need of a change!  They may see themselves in someone else's words and fulfilled dreams!  Thank you to everyone who has sent recent updates!  These testimonials keep me in business!  


Don't forget to send any before and after pics you are in love with! 




EmergencyHealthFix has made my entire life better, and I am very grateful.


This went by so fast. I feel great. Total weight loss 24 lbs total (2nd round). Thank you Dr Erin. Honestly I’ve been trying to find something that works for me for a while. Thank you for your help!


First time doing this, I lost 22.7lbs total. Thanks for everything!


Thank you Dr. Erin. As of yesterday I had a weigh in at my Dr. Office he said I’m down 18 pounds. I’m looking forward to doing the EHFix live!


Thank you for a great education!! I’m excited to continue on this journey!


My diabetes numbers are looking good! yesterday 96!  They took away 50% of meds!  Same with blood pressure- now normal and drop in meds! Thank you Dr. E!



Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise. Learned a lot and set the course for my own personal health journey:)



Wow amazing! This motivates me to go longer next time! I wanted to report that my TSH levels were the lowest they have EVER been! I am usually too high- we're lowering my hypothyroid medications-  the endocrinologist was impressed! I am also no longer considered anemic! I thank the hamburgers with no bun for that!



Good morning team,  I have been reading all this amazing info. I would like to report my experience. Since joining EHFix and the Summer fasting this month I’ve gone from a tight fitting size 18 to a snug size 12! I do not weigh myself but my trainer I work with says I am down 24 pounds. The most exciting thing that has happened is the side effects from this program… my blood pressure has gone from 198/90 to a 98/ 60.  Time to start adjusting my medications!  Also I have so much energy, sleeping has been amazing and I feel so joyful.

Thank you Dr Erin❤️


I am 6ft tall and I've lost 40 pounds during this period of time. BIG difference in how I feel & sleep. When I eat garbage, I noticeably feel like garbage. I am OFF statin, BP meds, pre-diabetes meds, B-12 supplement, multi vitamin, & anti depressant. NO MORE DRUGS!!! I am proud of how far I have come & excited for the continuation of weight loss & improved health still in front of me.

Thanks, Dr Erin!!! 😘

You're the BEST!!! Definitely a LIFE SAVING DOCTOR in so many ways!

Member FAMILY follow up:


Kevin (husband) and Faith (daughter) are down 20 lbs and I'm down 15 Ibs and several inches!! Kevin's diabetes is literally reversing! His feet are no longer tingling and his blood sugars are getting lower as well. Kevin is so determined to be 200 lbs by next May-he only has 50 more to go! We have made a complete lifestyle change and we feel S0000 much better! My friend Kimmy noticed how much weight we lost and I sent her Dr. Erin's info!




I love the daily workouts!! Before I found you- I worked out at the gym every weekday and did not see a change in my body until I seriously changed my nutrition. My results with Emergency Health Fix are Unbelievable. It’s only been two months so far! I thought I just had to accept that I would never feel comfortable wearing a bikini again due to my age! (46) Wrong! Guess who is going to be rocking a bikini this year at the beach?!? That’s not even the best part. I feel so good, so much less pain and my energy level is so good!! My husband is a Type I diabetic and his blood sugar has never been better! Thank you Dr. Erin!!

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