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Member Updates

There is no lack of testimonials among EHFix clients and their families!  My member updates role in constantly and bring me so much JOY!   I hope these bring you joy, motivation, and inspiration as well!  Please share these with friends and family who are in need of a change!  They may see themselves in someone else's words and fulfilled dreams!  Thank you to everyone who has sent recent updates!  These testimonials keep me in business!  


Don't forget to send any before and after pics you are in love with! 




Dr Erin, thank you for an amazing three weeks. I was very skeptical when you listed all the benefits of low carb, and they didn't come for me right away, but now I am feeling great! I ate out twice this weekend and didn't have any trouble staying on track! My health goals for 2024 are to lose a significant amount of weight and get better sleep. Accelerator has me well on my way! ❤️👍



Still in it!

Update on my outcomes:

have ‘lost’ 3 pounds

Later starts to ‘breaking fast’

Clothes ‘give’ in new spots

Sleeping well, & energetic

Adjustment to relationship with food is real for me - definitely a conscious effort. Coming along swimmingly! 



I totally have Jami. I wake up during the night and there it is. It has come and gone over the last two weeks. And while I haven't been the best at checking in,I definitely feel a clarity or sharpness in my thinking that wasn't there before. On an interesting side note, I have struggled with alcoholism in the past and during these past 3 weeks, the cravings or even the thought of drinking has been as foreign to me as it has ever been. Didn't see that one coming 😊 Makes me wonder about the correlation between alcohol and sugar for me. So, so glad I am taking this journey with you guys🤙❤️


Sharing some of my progress: I'm sleeping better...fewer night waking at 3am (I wake at 5am now sometimes get back to sleep sometimes not). I'm less bloated and my waist feels smaller. I can more easily tackle difficult employee conversations at work (good timing since my boss just gave me feedback that I need to address issues as soon as they arise then let it go). 


Just checking in! We went to a Japanese steakhouse on the way home from the meet yesterday and I had steak, scallops, salad, and veggies. At pretty early around 5:30 yesterday and still haven’t had breakfast. Waiting until I’m hungry and in between meetings🤪 I noticed all the walking yesterday was definitely easier breathing and on my joints compared to a week ago!



I'm finding it hard NOT to talk about my new diet bc it has been great so far! For the first time in years I'm not waking up at 3am in a hot flash kicking the blankets off just to get back up at 4:30 to put the blankets back on and not getting winded walking trash down to the dumpster!


Already feeling better , nausea not as bad. My favorite thing right now? I’m not food obsessed! Usually I’m planning my next meal when I just finished one. I feel like I’m getting my brain back


My stomach is noticeably flatter and perhaps it’s my imagination, but my skin looks better I think. And at 45 I’ll take that all day everyday 🤪😂


I am so sorry for the late text, I have been busy with decorating for Christmas 🎄💕

Thank you Dr. Erin and Sharon!!! I have learned so much over these 21 days…what my body truly needs to be healthy, how to lose the fat, and most of all, making a complete lifestyle change. I am loving it!!!

Thank you for all the information to help me get me started on this new lifestyle change.

Thank you for all your guidance and support.

I am down 13lbs 😜. I am loving the way I feel mentally, have more energy and losing weight💕 I will keep you ladies posted on my progress. Thank you so much💕


Limoncello girl

The last 21 days have been amazing! I learned SO much! This is the first program I have been in where we learned the science to what healthy eating really is and because of that I feel so confident in my journey forward! I am so happy with how I look and feel and will definitely continue the journey! I loved all the weeks; the variation really gave us the flexibility to pick and choose what worked best for us and/or gave us the ability to choose daily/weekly depending on how we were feeling.



Thank you so much. I have learned so much. The myths that we have been told for soooo many years. It is so nice to know that not eating "3 square meals" a day is fine amd that fasting is actually good for your body. I plan on continuing my journey. I will be back for February Accelerator, I think it will help to go through this again. Then I plan to continue with Evolution. I hope that the next time I talk with you, I will be able to report more weightloss and health improvements. It has been a pleasure. I hope everyone found what they wanted. Have a wonderful holiday. Until we meet again....


Thank you, Dr Erin, for all of the informative knowledge to eating healthy to stay healthy!! Lots and lots of great tips, recipes and encouragement helping us all to succeed! Thank you! Good luck everyone with your new food journey 🍽💕


Thank you, Dr Erin! These past 21 days have been eye opening for sure. Loved all the information that you gave us daily and through out the day to keep us on track. Excited to continue using the recipes in the cookbooks. Great job everyone 👊🙌 I am looking forward to the Evolution Program in January.



It’s been an amazing eye opening life changing 3 weeks. Thank you Dr Erin for the amazing insights.

There has been some amazing info passed along. I really have learned a lot and have made numerous changes in my eating habits I look forward to the next phase. You certainly are making an impact 🙏


Thank you so much for an amazing, whirlwind of 3 weeks!! I’ve lost weight, gained mentally clarity and I think my eyebrows are growing back in 😆 I believe this is the first time I’ve stuck with a program, of any type, for the full duration. Never a dull moment and so much education. Thank you 



Good morning ☀️! Today is the first day that I didn’t have to get a running start and jump off my bed into my jeans. I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made. I have made a some changes that I actually enjoy/like better than my old routine. Thank you so much Dr. Erin and Jenel.



This is eye opening!


Limoncello girl

Love all of this great information. It is definitely eye opening, and I am just so thankful I am finding out now and can make some changes in my life to feel better! I have never felt more in control of my life than now…it’s amazing how having this knowledge gives us the power back. Thanks Dr Erin and Jenel! 💪🏻♥️💪🏻



I know it has only been 12 days but shockingly surprising to me how much better I feel physically. Yes, lose weight but I have dealt with achy knees for years. Going up stairs or getting off the couch was a struggle. In just a short time, I can feel significant improvement just walking around.



I definitely can notice a BIG difference in all those categories, plus I just feel better! I am finding that I have more energy and find more time to plan meals, do activities and d as m getting more sleep! Plus I am losing weight! This has been the best investment I could have made. I am interested to check out the website to learn more about the other programs. I feel like the knowledge I have gained is invaluable …I now know the science behind it as bd css as n act to stay at a healthy weight. With the knowledge, I feel like I am in control, which is a great feeling! My only regret is not finding out and doing it sooner! Better late than never! 💪🏻🎉💪🏻



Good Morning! Great info. I woke up today and yesterday feeling pretty good. I haven’t gotten on the scale, but I am definitely feeling better, less bloated and not feeling the need to eat all day. Still have that urge for a sweet, but not giving into it. I, too, would like to sign up for the next phase.



I’ve lost weight, my clothes fit better, joints have less pressure on them, I’m looking forward to a new lifestyle (that friends are already asking me about) and yes people have noticed 😊 As for my skin, I immediately looked at my face and didn’t notice much change. When I looked down at my chest, I noticed big changes!


I am loving your program and really do feel better already and I’m thrilled to be off the statin.

I don’t know if it’s no statin or the very low carbs or both but my hair looks so much healthier!!! Already!!  I am also feeling much less achy in my joints and muscles!

 I have lost 4#’s and an inch on my waistline. I’m not sad about that.!!….. I believe EHfix is working for me!

Thank you!


I love the sharing of recipes! Most recipes I have made have been from cookbook! They all have been excellent! 😀💪🏻😀



Good morning everyone!!!! I have to say I am so happy I started this program with you all.

I am feeling more energetic, sleeping better and surprisingly not awful withdrawal symptoms. I guess I wasn’t eating as bad as I thought. However, just not fueling my body with what it needed and the correct amount of protein to burn fat, I am finally starting to understand what my body really needs.

I really love the way I feel and love this program helping me to a better healthier lifestyle💕



I’m amazed at how I have not been starving ! I love it!


I love this program! I am so grateful I gave this as a birthday gift to myself at the start of this month! It has been soooo informative, beneficial and motivating. Can’t wait to continue on with the next step. Thank you Jenel Davis and Dr. Erin!



I’ve enjoyed this program very much. Learning to retrain the brain to understand that we’ve been programmed to want foods that are terrible for us, just for profit, is an eye opener. We’ve been told to eat the wrong way since birth. Thank you for all of your knowledge.



Just finishing accelerator and love it. I highly recommend jumping in with Jenel and Dr. Erin. Opens the door to a new healthy lifestyle of real food which is key. Thanks Jenel 😍



Dr. Erin…thank you for all of this amazing education you have provided these last three weeks. I look forward to continuing my low carb lifestyle and participating in the fasting challenges with you as well in the future!



I’m feeling really good. Today is my birthday, and every year since I’ve had my daughter (7 years now) I have said this is my year, and I’m going to get healthy. Yet I never did. I’m so thankful I saw your post because I have finally found a program that is working, and it’s easy! Even better that I can eat real food!

I am down 11 lbs…..still have a way to go, but I see and feel a difference and so do others. I’ve been tracking my carbs and doing well staying under or right around 20 g as well as staying in my protein range. A long answer for me to say I FEEL GREAT!



I definitely notice a change in my mood and clothes feel better!

just shocked! Saw my mom today and she said are you losing weight? I said uh yes and no haha



I am so thankful to finally have real education about nutrition and not following fad diets anymore- now I’m seeing real results!



Yesterday’s education was awesome. It’s total opposite of what we are told and I’m seeing that now since starting this program.



Having another great day. Last time I ate was around 330, had my breakfast around 10, not hungry. Will eat something shortly but amazed at how I am not really hungry. Love it 🙌 Love all the foods I get to it that I thought may be counter productive to weight loss.


THANK YOU Dr. Erin. I’ve eaten more food these past 9 days than I have in a long time and I have lost weight! It’s great to know the science! I was definitely a calorie counter of the wrong foods. Education and support is key! This has been life changing for me!


Diane: I have never so easily changed my way of eating. I feel satisfied and have more energy than on any other diet. I know this a new way of life for me!


I truly believe that this program will make positive changes in not only my personal life but my professional life too.  It’s been a little rocky and I’m ready to soar!  

I’m fortunate to have so much support!  And guess what, I’m watching my hubby make small changes this week in his eating too!  Of course he’ll lose all the weight overnight lol!!! 

Would you be ok if I take a screen shot of your message and post it on social media?  I don’t have to tag you but I just want to share the awesomeness!



Thank you all so much. I've learned a lot and will continue to incorporate low carb healthy nutrition. I feel great



Thank you so much! I learned a lot and I am feeling great.



So sad….just read a quote saying don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened. Thank you for all the great advice and encouragement.



THANK YOU Dr. Erin. I will see you in some capacity a repeat of accelerator or Evolution and Live. Having this support is key for me. This has been life changing for me! Great job everyone!



Good morning. It is definitely getting easier to have a low carb mindset. My clothes are looser my hair seems healthier so seeing some positive results. I feel more satisfied then I did on my previous eating lifestyle.


Good morning everyone! I’m finally feeling better. The last couple of days I was very weak and tired. I woke up today feeling great. I’m not craving sweets anymore which is a HUGE deal for me and honestly it’s very freeing.



The cravings will go away and it gets easier to make good decisions.  This program truly works!


Friends, I highly recommend this program. I fought this for two years being hard headed, but Tracy, Faith and I made this change on April 1. I am down 38 pounds since then. I have struggled with type 2 diabetes for several years and just had blood work this week. My A1C has dropped from 6.2 to 5.3. If you need to make a change for health reasons or just want to lose weight DO THIS. It is so easy. If I can do it, anyone can. Thank you Dr. Erin!



Good info and my doc also suggests the cardio-calcium scan. I thankfully scored very low on that scan and haven’t been on statins for over two years. Going for a new blood label next week so should have more info on how my numbers have changed after 6 months of low carb eating. Since February I have now dropped 75 pounds and roughly 6 inches off of my waist. 🤓. For today’s fast break I ate blackberries and andouille (again). Haven’t felt this good since my 20s (am gonna be 52 in a few weeks). This program has had a profound change on me. Thanks so much!



OMG! This has been awesome! There's always so much more to learn! I'm excited to keep going on my journey! I look better now than I ever did!!!!



I made it 51hrs with this fast. Part of me feels like I COULD have gone longer!


I am planning to make 2 fasts per week happen going forward & I will DEFINITELY be in the SPRING FASTING GROUP.... that is my FAVORITE fast of the year... made it so that I felt no guilt about enjoying a little of those traditional Thanksgiving & Christmas family dishes we see only once a year.


This was a great experience for me. I learned so much and have the tools and confidence to do this! I love fasting and am committed to making this part of my routine. I couldn’t have done this without all of you!! I’m looking forward to joining the next fasting group. Thank you Dr Erin for leading this journey for all of us❤️

Jen B

Still my favorite learnings, Dr E, ones I never tire of hearing. Fasting has become a very spiritual, reverent practice for me. In the new year I have to incorporate weekly. Such a good mental and physical respite, reset, recharge


Excited! I love all the fasting programs, but this holiday fasting is a particular fav!!! I did this fast for the first time last year & felt so much more in control throughout the holiday season. I indulged guilt-free ON the holidays important to me, but WAY LESS than I had in previous years. I'd immediately jumped back on on the wagon with the post holiday fast so the indulgance lasted 1 day rather than a week or more. I ate less, felt better, & savored the time focusing on friends & family!

EHFix LIVE VIP Team (now called the SWAT TEAM):


Dr Erin positive cheerleading and real solutions at all times. I enjoy learning about improving my health mind, body and spirit. LIVE is like taking a college course in Health, wellness and nutrition.


I am so thankful for you!!! Will scream it to the rooftops!


Super proud moment for me today…I was at a luncheon with a bunch of older people from my neighborhood who I rarely see in person except when I am driving out of the neighborhood…the one lady said “wow every time I see you, you look younger like you are reverse aging”….I said thank you and my health coach with be so happy to hear that. I was stoked with joy❤️😊❤️😊❤️😊


You feel and see your results so quickly that it’s motivating and it really motivates you to keep going ..I have been four months now with virtually no processed food or sugar other than fresh fruit bagels, bread all that other stuff and once I got my sugar addiction under control I barely miss it… And my energy level is just so good so it’s very motivating to continue.   I’m so glad I found you Dr. Erin!! 🥰

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