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Zoom Morning Team
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This is a recurring meeting

M-F 7:30 am EST

S-S 8 am EST

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Foam Roll Recovery

Learn about the importance of muscle recovery between workouts using a foam roller.

Hips & Hamstring  Focus

Hip, hamstring, & butt focus for better posture, balance, &  a defined backside.

Push Progression

Build your chest (lift saggy boobs!) & tighten those triceps (no more arm giggle!) by practicing progressively harder movements.

Ab/Core Basics

Dr. Erin covers the basics for losing the belly FAT and strengthening your core. 

Resistance HIIT

Dr. Ben Bocchicchio  demonstrates his 15 minute High Intensity Training workout with weights!! 

Pull Progression

Build beautiful shoulders, upper back & bicep muscles in this pull progression. 

Strong Legs and Booty

Build strong, lean legs and improve your posture & balance by strengthening and defining your butt. 

Resistance Exercise

Build a stronger, leaner body with resistance exercise.  Improved strength of muscles and bones leads to less injury, better posture, greater function, and increased fat burn.


Dr. Doug McGuff demonstrates HIIT resistance training for maximal strengthening with CARDIO. 

The Founder 12 minute Training

Low Back Strenghtening

Use link below to access

ERASE chronic back pain with DAILY foundation training.  Strengthen and decompress your spine.  Copy this link:

Athlean X- 12 exercises

Fantastic scientifically tested TOTAL body cardio and resistance for when you are on the go, lack equipment, or short on time!

Fitness trainer and physical therapist Jeff Cavalier reviews the 12 Exercises he feels EVERYONE should have in their program to build a strong body that is resilient to injury. 

Best and Worst Abs

There are many different ab exercises, but which are the best of the best and which exercises for abs should you avoid? 

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