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The SWAT Team

Ultimate Summer Reboot Challenge

The EHFix SWAT Team is continually finding new ways to Support eachother in Wellness and provide Accountability for creating ongoing Transformation!   This Summer we will pass through a fun series of virtual challenge weeks!    Join us to get in on the fun and get ahead with health and fitness during the Summer months!  Win the PRIZES listed below!

Fancy Dish

Challenge 1: Protein Revitalize


July 1-14


Challenge yourself to get at least 100 grams of protein daily. Learn how to get enough and explore an optional Carnivore path.


Challenge 2: Self-Care Repair


July 15-31


Challenge yourself to setting aside a full 30 minutes each day just for YOU! Explore meditation, stretch, and mindfulness to reduce stress. 


Challenge 3: Align with Time


August 1-14


Challenge yourself to follow a Time Restricted Eating Pattern. Learn about OMAD, breech the FASTING TWILIGHT ZONE, and tap into your circadian rhythm.

Pilates Exercise

Challenge 4: Build Resilience


August 15-31


Challenge yourself to exercise 30 minutes each day. Learn how to incorporate resistance, HIIT, and restorative practices at ANY level of ability.  

Pilates Exercise
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