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EVOLUTION is Step II in the EHFix education experience! 


This program is offered to clients who have completed ACCELERATOR and are looking to continue rapid progress toward a healthier body and mind. 


ACCELERATOR provides the initial PROOF that low carb eating provides a RAPID FIX for your health!  EVOLUTION helps to support, further educate, and solidify your low carb lifestyle by providing further evidence and tools to MAKE IT STICK!


EVOLUTION messages are delivered on the same LIVE INTERACTIVE EHFix platform as ACCELERATOR. The program lasts for 14 days.


Here's what your 14 days of EVOLUTION education includes:

-tools to reassess your HEALTHIER body and update your goals

-discover the PHASES of a low carb diet

-recognize and learn strategies for BREAKING THROUGH plateaus

-learn to incorporate alcohol and favorite foods back into your diet

-receive additional tips for developing healthy habits that stick

-gain stress and sleep management tools

-get targeted exercise plans based on body type with video instruction

-uncover the best and worst CARBS and FATS- learn what to TOSS forever!

-focus on cholesterol to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke

- answer how many carbs you can personally include day to day

-learn how the VIRTUOUS CYCLE of low carb KEEPS YOU COMING BACK!


Your EVOLUTION package includes:

-14 days of LIVE INTERACTIVE education on ALL OF THE ABOVE and more!

-LIVE Q &A session throughout the program to address all of your EVOLVING questions

-Anonymous support from your EHFix peers

-Recipes and pics to help you continue to expand your meal options

-FREE admission to the EHFix LIVE Zoom exercise feed every morning


Get ready to continue the climb toward a better life! 


Here's what some of my past EVOLUTION clients had to say:

Amy: "Thank you Dr. Erin! This has been fantastic! I'm more motivated than ever and loving the way I feel! This really helped me understand my weight loss journey and take my low carb lifestyle to the next level!"


Mark: "Thank you Dr. Erin.  I appreciate you taking the time to technically explain WHY this matters and how your body works.  It had a great impact on me. I am really seeing the positive gains.  I cannot thank you enough!"


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