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Not sure EHFix is for you!  Try this option!   All ACCELERATOR clients receive these videos for free!  If you decide to try ACCELERATOR after reviewing this packet,  EHFix will refund you the price of these videos.


Here's what the videos offer:

-Get to know Dr. Erin and her teaching style

-Learn how to perform a self assessment of your health based on your weight and measurements

-Learn how weight directly effects health and correlates with medical problems

-Learn what foods are ESSENTIAL and what foods are HURTING your health

-Learn which foods help you LOSE WEIGHT and which ones cause weight gain

-Understand MACRO vs MICRO nutrition and where to find ALL ESSENTIAL VITAMINS and MINERALS


These are the basic STARTING BLOCKS for all of my clients!  These videos are yours to keep!  You may use the information on your own to begin changing your health IMMEDIATELY or use them to form the basis of your EHFix continuing education!  


ACCELERATOR is Step I in the EHfix educational journey!   ACCELERATOR is a LIVE INTERACTIVE MESSAGING program.   You communicate with Dr. Erin and an anonymous group of supportive peers throughout the program.  Learn step-by-step how to incorporate the lessons of these videos into your life to make BETTER HEALTH a reality!    Gain time, energy, motivation, and inspiration while you LOOSE THE FAT!

Foundation Assessment and Healthy Food Options

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