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Brave the unknown together! Looking to protect your progress toward a HEALTHIER you and even ramp up your success with reaching your goals as we pass through the 2023 Holiday Season!  Dr. Erin will teach you how to stay on track AND celebrate those feasts without missing a beat or gaining a pound!  Learn the art of prolonged fasting together with your EHFix friends!  The price includes 6 guided fasts offering a total of 18 days of instruction for pre and post Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  PLUS, get tips for HOW TO SURVIVE the carb heavy holiday season!! Education for each FAST covers 3 days- prep day, FAST day, recover day


Here’s the FASTING schedule for Fall/Winter  2023:

Pre-Halloween FAST: Prep Wed 10/25, FAST Thurs 10/26, Recover Friday 10/27

Post-Halloween FAST: Prep Sun 11/5, FAST Monday 11/6, Recover Friday 11/7

Pre-Thanksgiving FAST: Prep Tues 11/21, FAST Wed 11/22, Recover Thurs 11/23

Post-Thanksgiving FAST: Prep Sun 11/26, FAST Mon 11/27, Recover Tues 11/28

Pre-Christmas FAST: Prep Wed 12/20, FAST Thursday 12/21, Recover Friday 12/22

Post-Christmas FAST: Prep Wed 12/27, FAST Thurs 12/28, Recover Friday 12/29

FALL Group Holiday FASTING 2023: Don't brave it alone!

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