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Join our the EHFix Morning Team to start your EVERYDAY the right way!  We know you may not have the MOTIVATION every single day to get to the gym.  EHFix makes this EASY for you!!


Just crawl into your own personal workspace with one eye open and tune in to your EHFix friends who show up WITH YOU EVERY MORNING to help you get eneregized and motivated each day!


Have you been working out everyday and just not carving out that physique?

Are you wondering if your exercise routine will ever get you to your goals?

Are you an expert who is ready to push to the next level in the comfort of your own home?

Are you a beginner who is a little shy about jumping into exercise?

Are you interested in exercise that supports a healthy longevity and active lifestyle?


Dr. Erin and her STREAMING experts will show you how to get started, how to modify as needed, and how to advance.   We'll teach you what you may be doing wrong in your routine.  Together we will work on your strength, mobility, balance, flexibility, and mindset.    


You can expect a new challenge each morning with some favorite repeaters throughout the year to test your athletic growth.   Each monthly program is different and posted on social media. Formats we use include yoga, pilates, functional training, HIIT, interval training, balance and mobility training, core and more!  Weekly stretch and recovery routines are included.


We meet at 7:30 am M-F and 8 am S-S EST with some minor adjustments for the holidays.  Family members in your household are welcome to join on the same device!

EHFix ZOOM Morning Exercise

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