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Partner Up for BEST success!

Having an accountability partner is vitally important for long term success with making healthy habits stick! WHY? Because we are better at protecting the health of our friends and family than our own health!! And the same is true for those who love YOU!

Wellness accountability partners help each other set and maintain goals for diet, exercise and overall well-being. Knowing someone else is watching you — and vice versa — raises the bar and makes it more difficult to slack off with healthy eating and activities.

Research shows sharing your ACTUAL progress through data with a trainer, coach, or ANYONE who encourages you is the KEY to making accountability work. Don't just say you are eating healthy- send a picture of your healthy meal! Don't just take a walk- record it with your tracker or take pics to share! Share pictures of your progress on the scale, new healthy activities, and new outfits! Share meal plans and party strategies, ideas for making it through the holidays, etc.

Does this partnering strategy sound familiar? Emergency Health Fix programs offer education AND accountability partnering ALL IN ONE! I am so happy to create a partnering network to help you get started. Still, I can't be everyone's best partner. This is why I constantly encourage you to build your own healthy network. It's important to have even just ONE close partner in health. Your partner does not have to be nearby, related to you, or even human! Pets that rely on us to show up as our best selves daily can be a strong motivator too. Send your loved ones to me and I'll train them to become your perfect partner!

Caution! Choose your partner(s) carefully. You don't want someone who is overly critical. The whole point is to give them the information they need to encourage you and bolster you up when you struggle. It makes sense to have goals that align with your partner. However, if you are looking to improve your health, also partner with someone who has already achieved a greater level of health and fitness and understands the stages you are passing through.

From a fitness perspective, it’s okay if your partner is in a little better shape than you (maybe preferred), but it can also be disheartening if that person is far more advanced and the gap is too great between you.

As an EHFix member you are always welcome to join me and my partners in health on ZOOM each morning M-F at 7:30 am and S-S @ 8 am. You don't have to be advanced. We're happy for you to sit and stretch and join in whenever you can. We are all working on our own level and practice all different types of healthy movement. Here's the link:

If you are looking for max accountability, EHFix Live! is a monthly subscription that keeps you connected to me and other LIVE members EVERYDAY. LIVE members receive daily updates about health and wellness that help them stay on track. LIVE members meet on ZOOM weekly for a live Q&A. WEEKLY live sessions are taped for viewing by members. You can also find support by simply following Emergency Health Fix on Facebook or Instagram where I post tips often. Use the hashtags #ehfix #lowcarblife to find me and thousands of other low carb friends online.

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