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FASTING - the biggest FIX of all!

Are you STILL unhappy with your appearance? Still trying to figure out how to get a lean/tight body? Staring at saggy skin and wrinkles in the mirror? Still hating on that cellulite? Let me ask you this: Are you STILL eating every single day of every single month of every single year? WHY?

FASTING PEOPLE!!!! It's the icing on the cake! The cherry on top of your sundae! If you are not doing it, START. If you are doing it a bit, switch up your routine. FASTING benefits go WAY BEYOND weight loss. If you never try it, you will never know!

If you do the SAME thing EVERYDAY, you can expect to get the SAME results day in and day out.... boring...frustrating... In order to really see your body change dramatically, you need to GIVE IT A BREAK from processing a constant stream of incoming nutrients and give it TIME FOR REPAIR! This is what the third week of ACCELERATOR is all about folks!

The process I lead you through in ACCELERATOR is a PROGRESSION, the ORDER MATTERS! First drop the sugar, gain control over your choices and your routine, THEN EXERT MAXIMAL CONTROL by fasting!

Take a look at my recent pictures. My most recent weight loss left the saggy EXTRA skin on my belly seen in the middle pic. How did it go away over the following year (it doesn't happen overnight!)-- NOT surgery, NOT more weight loss (in fact, I gained weight)--you guessed it FASTING!!!! At least every other month, I personally tried to throw in a 24 hour fast weekly. I also FASTed daily in windows. Some weeks I practiced an 8 hour eating window, some weeks I would cut it down to only 4. FASTING can come in many forms! If you think this means I am HARDLY eating to achieve these results, you need to repeat ACCELERATOR (it's about cutting INSULIN, not calories) or just hang with me😂!

My personal journey now: I'm still fasting whenever it's convenient including one 24 hour fast every 7-10 days. I'm starting to feel the skin around my thighs getting loose -- that's the WHOOSH effect you learn about in EVOLUTION. Are YOU noticing that happening anywhere on your body? You can actually FEEL when your fat cells are EMPTYING out. MAXIMALY packed, tense fat cells pressed against your skin creates the dreaded CELLULITE. Keep track of your fading cellulite with pictures on your EHFix journey! ADD THE FASTING and before you know it, what's left is smooth, lean muscle!

Switch up your fasting commitment frequently! Have fun with it! You are MUCH stronger than you think! Challenge yourself to include more fasting this month as we head toward Spring. The sun is with us a little longer now. Try going for a walk instead of eating dinner one night!

If you feel you could use some extra FASTING education and guided support, join the SPRING FASTING team. The 2022 dates were just added for this program at this link:


NEED a REBOOT or have a friend or family member wanting to sign up? February programs start at the end of this week and the February PartnerUp discount will be ending. Sign up here:

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