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Fixed! Gallery


Dr. Erin after the kids and before the nutrition education! 

Dr. Erin after switching to a low carb lifestyle

Fixed Inside and Out! Healthier and stronger than ever! 

Adam before and after

Adam!  MY hubby and Operation Management Professor ! EHFix TECH expert and writer of the EHFix program app, the TEXTING PARROT!  Always an avid exerciser--now stronger, more resilient, and more active than ever after his EHFix education!  Years of high blood pressure and high cholesterol FIXED in weeks! Looking to avoid the family curse of early heart disease! My REASON for starting EHFix!!💓

Marion!  Busy Mom and entrepreneur who help me connect with other hard-working business women in our area through @TBBW!  Marion is working toward her retirement and enjoying looking younger, stronger, and feeling healthier than ever!! Now continuing to build energy and vitality for chasing the grandkids!!

Marion before and after
Bob before and after

Bob!   FIXED !  Not sure if it will help him reel in a big one, but he's looking and feeling better trying!!  This former college football player was not ready to take retirement lying down!  Tired of dealing with the chronic pain of aging, beat up joints, he adopted a low carb anti-inflammatory diet and has never looked back! 

Monica! FIXED and fabulous!  Maintaining easily for years now and getting more sculpted each day!   Her family complains about keeping up with her new found "toddler energy"!  Now coaching for EHFix and happy to show you how to find your energy!

Sharon before and after
Monica before and after

Sharon!  My everyday workout buddy and bestie was the FIRST to commit to getting FIXED!  It was just us and some stubborn husbands at the start!! This full time versatile nurse and home health specialist is also a busy mother of 4!  She knows how important the right fuel is for keeping motivated, energetic, and healthy!   Best of all, her WHOLE FAMILY got healthier! Now coaching EHFix teams!

Patrick!  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks??  This is MY DAD!!  Retired Professional Firefighter with plenty of ARTHRITIS! Looking younger, way lighter, and with much less chronic pain on a low carb diet!   He's still the same super fun party guy, but a few tweaks to his everyday habits have changed his health incredibly!  Bring me your Moms and Dads!  You can be healthier and happier at any age!

Patrick before and after
Marylee before and after

Michele! Has always loved eating healthy and incorporating healthy habits.  She came with a desire to improve her physique by learning the science, maximize her health, and battle chronic pain and fatigue with a holistic, no meds,  approach! Now a lifelong FIXED NATION advocate!

Jenny before and after

Ben!  ER Nurse Ben got serious about his health in order to qualify as a healthy LIVER DONOR for his brother!! This is Ben about 4 months into his EHFix journey and 40 pounds down- dropping in size from a 2XL to a L.  Ben is happy to report he is NO LONGER DIABETIC, has NO MORE CHRONIC PAIN, & he's sleeping better with NO MORE SNORING!  PLUS he was able to DONATE!! So proud of this transformation that saves multiple lives!!

Marylee!  This is MY MOM!  Changed her cooking and eating habits to help Dad and helped herself in the process!  She is actually REVERSE AGING! That extra belly fat and butt are gone and sleeveless shirts are back in the wardrobe!  Still my most likely client to be caught with licorice in her pockets, but proving you can do it at your own pace and feeling better at ANY AGE!

Michele before and after

Jenny!  This front-line nurse and mother of 4 has lost 35 pounds and dropped her size from XL to medium in just 9 months! Blood pressure and cholesterol problems GONE! Chronic pain GONE!  Her energy to take care of her own family and YOURS has skyrocketed-- with enough left over to KICK BUTT at karate! Now coaching for EHFix too!

Ben before and after
Taylor before and after

Taylor! This young business professional makes dreams come true with the Make a Wish Foundation!  While climbing up that personal and professional growth ladder she turned to EHFix to learn to eat right, solve emotional eating by building healthier habits,  and drop the extra weight off her petite frame! 

Melissa!  My CrossFit competitor!  This ultra-energized Mom of two college kids, works full time, and is dedicated to staying healthy.  She was a CrossFit member for 5 years before coming to EHFix looking to gain more of an edge with a scientific diet.  EHFix helped her MELT THE FAT off those beautifully sculpted, lean muscles she built at the gym! She's been an inspiration to her family and friends and has introduced many other CrossFit members at EHFix! Thanks Melissa!

Melissa before and after
Danielle before and after

Danielle! Dedicated Emergency Room Nurse, wife, and mom!  Leading by example for her patients, family, and friends!! Part of my personal ER TEAM!  We save lives one life at a time! Starting with us! Now saving lives in her spare time as an EHFix coach!

Elissa! School psychologist and Mom of three had difficulty after having twins with the basic "diet and exercise" approach to getting back in shape.  My always curious cousin picked up her EHFix habits on a whim while visiting my low carb family!  Her results took off from there and now she sends everyone she loves my way! Thanks Elissa!

Elissa before and after
Daren before and after

Daren! This busy young man came in search of better health, a better physique, and more confidence to improve his personal and professional life! He loves reporting back on all his great achievements since working with EHFix and just keeps on climbing that ladder!

Monica! Favorite married-into-the- family-cousin, got interested in EHFix after her husband suffered multiple life-threatening health scares.  Both overweight, they embarked on supporting each other and have achieved impressive results!  The whole family is happier and healthier and is responsible for sending the entire city of Denver, CO my way ! Thanks Monica!  YES! EHFIX can come to you in ANY TIME ZONE!

Monica before and after
Ashley before and after

Ashley! After back to back pregnancies Ashley worried that she could never reach her healthy weight again.   She came to EHFix hoping to lose weight and increase energy!  Our programs gave her the knowledge and support to achieve both! She is maintaining easily and is now working on sculpting those muscles with proper diet and exercise.  Her kids are among the youngest in our EHFix family and definitely destined to be the HEALTHIEST thanks to their healthy Mom!

Suzie! Suzie has suffered numerous weight related setbacks including nearly losing her ability to walk!  Had gastric bypass surgery to ensure rapid weight loss to save her life when at her most sick. Years later, she had regained most of the weight back.  It's important to know: ALL weight loss surgeries create only TEMPORARY weight loss effects if you do not change your diet and habits. Suzie knows that now! By practicing her new EHFix low carb diet and learning about healthy habits she has lost 65 pounds and plans to lose another 50!

Suzie before and after
Deb before and after

Deb! Hard working Mom, wife, and full time corporate problem solver: Solution Architect!  My sweetest neighbor, dog lover, and friend is also extremely modest. Not interested in posting bikini pics😂, but happy to show her new found joy and energy "if it could help others"🥰

Anna-Kay!  Another quiet and modest soul!  Anna Kay works in my ER as a diligent frontline nurse saving lives!  This ultra-skilled Mom and nurse learned the EHFix science then quietly stuck with it for months while her friends, family, and colleagues watched the magic of her extra fat just falling away! She's  a role model for what dedication and hard work can accomplish!

Anna Kay before and after
Megan before and after

Megan!  This vibrant young professional came to me wanting MORE for herself as she developed both personally and professionally. She's just a few months in to the program and already changing her diet has given her more motivation for her budding psychology career, more energy to support an active lifestyle, and more confidence in her ability to control her own destiny!  The body transformation that is occurring is just a BONUS!!

Aidan!  My oldest son! Became a high school keto-adapted athlete working toward increased speed, strength, and endurance. Reached his goals during the off season in a matter of 2 months.  To be young! Bonus- less carbs made him less sleepy and more motivated for school, sports, and fun.  Always chasing down that six pack-- I think he found it!  He's off to college with the knowledge of how to KEEP it and make continued healthy choices!

Jil before and after
Aidan before and after

Jil!  An important member of the EHFix family and my own family!  Not ready to settle on just getting older, overweight, and more unhealthy as she aged.   Jil jumped on the family band wagon and is so happy she did! Jil looks and feels great now and tells everyone she meets about her amazing results! Thanks Jil!

Cheryl! Mom, wife, and full time Physician's Assistant who taught me everything I know about working with PA's plus loads of useful skills for fixing people😉!  Now I give back to her through EHFix by educating her on preventative practices for maintaining and improving physical and mental wellness.  She's happy to use this knowledge to help her family and patients! Keep saving lives Cheryl!

Cheryl before and after
Autumn before and after

Autumn! My TBBW (Top of the (Chesapeake) Bay Business Women) buddy! Embraced the science that EHFix had to offer and began sending monthly updates immediately as a way of staying accountable!  Autumn shares her change with as many lives as she can reach to help others!  Thanks Autumn!  Keep sending those updates- We love them!

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