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EHFix helps you reach your health and fitness goals safely and scientifically.  In each program you receive up to date nutrition, fitness, and wellness education via INTERACTIVE MESSAGING.  Get education and support directly from Dr. Erin and anonymous group members just like you.  The programs LAUNCH monthly, allowing you to continue on with learning at your own pace.  Take just one class or sign up for a package!  All classes include optional FREE Morning ZOOM Exercise sessions with Dr. Erin and the EHFix Team! 


Beginner Programs


Jumpstart your health!  Start by learning WHAT to eat and what to avoid eating to immediately improve your health and control hunger... then progress to learning exactly HOW, WHEN, and WHY  to eat according to proven science!  Learn step-by-step how to curb sugar addiction, drop unwanted FAT, kick meds to the curb, and live a longer, happier, healthier life!

Program length: 21 days       Cost: $300

Increase your understanding of the low-carb journey you started in ACCELERATOR.  Learn where this low carb journey will take you and what to expect along the way,  EVOLUITON is filled with more education, more recipes, and more tools for shaping a personalized diet and exercise program you can stick with for life. Learn how to break through plateaus while including more of your favorite food and drink.  Advanced fitness education included.

Program length: 14 days      Cost: $199

Advanced Programs


Integrate your ACCELERATOR and EVOLUTION education and FINALLY start to see the big picture!  Learn how to make all your choices easier and take your healthy eating tools anywhere.  Learn how to transform ANY MEAL to fit your healthy lifestyle!  Refine your eating habits and get EVEN LEANER.  PLUS, learn how to BUILD STRENGTH and RESILIENCE through diet and exercise!

Program length: 10 days     Cost: $150

Group Fasting

Tackle prolonged fasting in a supportive group!  You don't have to brave it alone! This favorite diet tool helps sharpen your focus and increase your energy & productivity while allowing you to cheat more often!  Each individual fast includes 3 days of education: a prep day, a fast day, and a recovery day.  Fall fasting supports holiday splurges and keeps you from falling off track during the toughest season! Spring fasting gets you ready for bathing suit season! Summer fasting turns this into a lifestyle with weekly fasts!

Program length: 4-6 fasts     Price: varies by season

Dates: vary (check member forum for details)


The SWAT Team

Continuous Support

SWAT stands for Support, Wellness, Accountability, and lasting Transformation!  This is what every EHFix member needs before, during and after programs!  We all need lasting support to stay on track. 


SWAT TEAM members maintain ongoing contact with Dr. Erin and each other 24/7 through the app.  Team members receive once daily communications for ongoing health education that reaches far and beyond the other programs.  Optional Zoom meetings with Dr. Erin occur 3 times per month and are recorded for all members.  These include WORKSHOP sessions for tacking personal problems and concerns. 

SWAT Team Members have access to the SWAT TEAM LOUNGE, filled with enrichment content including exercise instruction, videos, podcasts, and ALL the EHFix program charts, graphs, and links.  Dr. Erin introduces the team to new experts from every field of health regularly for enhanced learning.

Program length: 60 days

Price: $45-60/monthly

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